The Nampala mine relies on the hard work of employees and subcontractors from many backgrounds: 600 Malians, 7 Canadians, some Togolese, Burkinabe, Central Africans, Ivorians, one Malagasy and a few French citizens. The mine has nearly 240 direct hires, while other employees are hired through subcontractors.

A large number of the employees hired directly by the company are from neighbouring villages. The Nampala mine ensures that these employees have the same protections and rights as accorded by Malian law. The mine then provides medical coverage.

The mine also ensures that these employees have access to the social rights and trade union rights accorded by Malian law. By implementing a damage prevention system, the mine established a system of solidarity. The mine has also integrated its subcontractors’ employees into its medical monitoring procedures.

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Sustainable Development
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While the Robex Group does its best to ensure that exploration operations at the Nampala mine last as long as possible, many mines cannot operate indefinitely.

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