Health and security

During the construction of the mine, it was a constant battle to ensure the best safety conditions for the mine’s employees and the subcontractors’ personnel.

When construction was completed, the Company carried out an exhaustive campaign to attain health and safety levels that would comply with ISO 45001 certification. This certification necessitated hundreds of hours of training, starting with the team responsible for setting up and monitoring OHS policies. We implemented a training and audit system that has now entered its third year of operations.

Employees that are in charge of HSF/OHS are International Labour Organisation-certified. All accidentogenic situations are monitored, incidents are analyzed, and subsequent reports are widely disseminated.

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At the time the Nampala project was being implemented, Mali was experiencing conflict in the northern part of the country. Since then, peace agreements have been signed to foster stability, but widespread volatility has overtaken the south and has spread into Burkina Faso.

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