Exploiting low-cost mining projects

ROBEX has implemented a corporate strategy that aims to take on mining projects that are relatively small in size compared to major players in the industry. Our company believes in conducting operations in a responsive, low-cost, standardized (and therefore highly profitable) manner.

For thousands of years, humans have mined gold. However, today’s methods are significantly more intensive than they used to be. Large, high-grade mining projects are increasingly rare. ROBEX has purposely chosen to target lower-grade projects and develop its expertise in processing of this type of ore in an extremely efficient way to ensure it has access to new mining projects at a very low acquisition cost.

NAMPALA is the perfect example how this approach is working to our advantage, despite the fact that is the first project implemented under this strategy (and therefore with many challenges that were addressed with great success).

As a result, ROBEX holds a significant intangible asset: the ability to exploit very low-grade ore in a profitable way. The company was able to acquire this efficient capacity by transforming several standard practices, while complying with the highest environmental, social integration and safety standards.

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Members of the board of directors and senior management work closely to optimize resources and secure ROBEX’s future.

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