Mines have a bad reputation when it comes to the environment. We believe this image belongs in the past, and we’re hoping others see it that way too. The reality is that even in Western countries, societies and citizens only recently became conscious of the need to protect the environment.

Our workers, particularly those from Canada, have been trained on precautionary principles. Like any mine, the Nampala mine could be a source of pollutants. However, we are committed to ensuring that through their individual roles at the Company, each member of our team does what they can to protect the environment.

At many levels, we take precautions to ensure that our global approach to the environment, be it in Mali or elsewhere, is never overlooked. We also value the importance of preparing for the future, in particular by completing a comprehensive rehabilitation of the site.

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The Nampala mine relies on the hard work of employees and subcontractors from many backgrounds: 600 Malians, 7 Canadians, some Togolese, Burkinabe, Central Africans, Ivorians, one Malagasy and a few French citizens. The mine has nearly 240 direct hires, while other employees are hired through subcontractors.

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